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I live in Boulder City, NV- home of Hoover Dam. Everything in Boulder City is the "best .... by a dam site," hence my blog name.

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This is the place where I post pictures of the "stuff" I've been working on, be it tatting, quilting, or anything else of interest.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tatting Round Robin- Dec 1

This week's butterfly is on it's way to Melissa in Oregon. The pattern came from The Big Book of Tatting and was made with Altin Basak size 40 thread. I have come to realize I am woefully short of butterfly patterns and need to find some more!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two at once!

Due to a slight technical difficulty, I received two butterflies in week 1. This lovely butterfly came from Becky. The pink and yellow look fantastic together.

My First Butterfly!

Looking very pretty in peach, here is my butterfly I received from Dyan. The pattern is from Rosemarie Peel's book "Tatting for Pleasure" and is done in size 30 Cebela with Kreinck thread for glitter. Thank you Dyan- it's lovely!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tatting Round Robin- Nov 17

This is my first project for my first ever tatting round robin. I'm in the butterfly group. The first butterfly I tatted is going to Eliana Gonzalez in Chile and will be mailed tomorrow. The pattern is from the Aug. 1990 issue of Workbasket. I made it with Altin Basak size 40 in a pretty blue and used a cloisonne bead in the middle. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near the approx 3 inch size we are trying to make, so I made her a second one! It was made with DMC Cebelia, size 20 pink and another cloisonne bead from my stash. I hope she likes them!